Character Spotlight: Natalie

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Steven Bentsen

Retired Evil Mastermind

Natalie can be found in Unleash the Beast: Coalition of Strangers Book 1, my first published novel. All of my characters originate from within the 13 Realms of Eternity IP. The story takes place on Earth, albeit a fictionally reimagined version.

The vast majority of the world considers themselves human, although there are other stranger species sharing space with them. Natalie was born to and raised by mortal luminaries. Her capabilities and affinities are influenced by this fact, but her application of magic is considerably more subtle than it could be.

Natalie didn’t learn much from the private and public schools she attended in her youth, as her parents were her most ardent teachers. Most of her socialization came through long distance internet relationships, where anonymity afforded her both cloak and dagger. She’d rather I stop there, but I aim to shed some light on this shady lady.

Luminaries possess many mystical gifts, but the most essential element is their association with the Aspects of existence. These impossibly potent forces call to the very souls of luminaries, inspiring and driving them in otherwise unimaginable directions throughout their lives. Aspect association isn’t hereditary, which can cause no end of friction within families if opposing ideologies end up blood relatives by fate. Fortunately for Natalie’s parents, she is beholden to the Aspect of Love.

Rather than brewing up love potions or rising to a position of fame as an idol or starlet, Nat hid her truth from the majority of the world and stuck to the shadows of the internet. Working her will by a mixture of technological comprehension and practiced magic, she found her calling as a cyberspace vigilante. Tracking down leads and exposing compromising information to the right people in the meat world wasn’t exactly safe. She was eventually noticed by those with a vested interest in control and influence.

The powers that be requested her allegiance, and in return she would receive a wage, an expanded network, and protection. Rather than give her generous benefactors a reason to eliminate a rogue actor, Natalie went through a crash course in secret society etiquette and emerged stronger for it. Her new collection of tattoos was less art initially than practical tools of the subtle magician’s trade, allowing her to work her craft without instruments that could be stolen or misplaced. It seemed strange even to her at the time, but the bite of pain hid an undercurrent of pleasure. Although not originally a hedonist, Luminaries are especially susceptible to the lure of addiction, and the mixture of pleasure and pain soon became her drug of choice.

Meeting Tara at one of Sin City’s super secret society functions, sparks flew almost instantaneously. Natalie had flirted and teased with countless friends online, but Tara was the first person in the world she knew shared a real and unbreakable connection with. The gifted luminaries of Love can literally see the potential connections between people, ancient and forgotten resonance between souls, so from her perspective, they were old friends enjoying a happy reunion. From there, chemistry, biology, and instinct took over and brought the pair into a bright, shiny, and new relationship.

Unleash the Beast begins well after Natalie and Tara’s relationship is established and going strong. No lustre has been lost throughout their time together, even though they hadn’t considered crossing over into each other’s secret professions until after Ozzy’s arrival. Natalie may at times seem an instigator or horndog, but what greater catalyst is there in existence than Love?

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