Unleash the Beast’s 1st Year Anniversary

Sep 29, 2018 | Book, Writer's Life | 2 comments

Steven Bentsen

Retired Evil Mastermind

I’m incredibly glad to say that Unleash the Beast will officially turn 1 year old (post publication) as of the end of September. The time since I pushed Ozzy out into the world has been spent developing and refining a number of different projects, in truth. I’ve been learning and attempting to apply the lessons related to marketing, networking, and being my work’s champion, although I still have a lot of room to grow. I’ve spent some time trying to improve my health and deal with real-life, but if not for my supportive family and friends I wouldn’t have had the opportunity. After all the ups, downs, twists, and turns, I think I can afford a day or few to celebrate a memorable day ^.~

I hoped to be able to say the next book would be out soon, and keep a nice time frame of steady production, but sadly the process is taking more time than I anticipated. In the year since my self-published debut, I’ve shifted my focus to spread between creative writing and developing my author platform (and network). Growth has been slow, but I’m a very introverted man and social media proves something of a challenge to me. I think there are people out there interested in my art turned entertainment, but I’ve yet to find the method of introducing them to my creations. Admittedly, for all the content I have produced, Unleash the Beast and my website are the most tangible offerings.

With several projects partially completed, I have high hopes that new publications will emerge in the near future and my newsletter will be more than its current shadow of a tumbleweed. You can still find Unleash the Beast: Coalition of Strangers (Book 1) on Amazon, as well as my website – just check the Books tab or the main page of www.13roe.com.

I’m sure Ozzy would appreciate the company and attention. To those of you that have already supported my art with a purchase and/or review, thank you very much and I hope that I’ll be able to continue entertaining you with more stories in the future – that is the plan after all!

If you’re curious what is currently in my workshop, I’m doing an overhaul and rewrite of Dark Prophecy: Realms at War (Book 1) – the second series I’ll be running beside Coalition of Strangers. The 2nd book of CoS is partially complete, a different standalone project with an as-of-yet unreleased working title is drafted and getting aligned for editing, plus a handful of other possibilities float around the magical ether suspended over my desk. I should get back to the alchemy of distilling dreams into elixirs of fiction and fantasy. Thanks again for your interest and support!

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